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Oh, He"s So Right, Iran"s President Ahmadinejad

  By Liora Ziv-Ami


   When the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad climbs for the
umpteenth time onto the podium to announce to the world his personal
views on us, Jews, I don"t pay the slightest attention to his words.
   Now what could he possibly say that is new and has never been
suggested by his predecessors?
   Oh, so the Jews are liars and the Holocaust is a hoax... What a
surprising discovery! Is he the first to accuse us of lying? Already
the ancient Greeks attacked us and called us phonies, claiming that we
invented a G-d whom no one could see. There are no such gods, they
yelled. European atheists too were fuming with indignation on account
of Jewish lies - these deceitful Jews invented the Revelation at Mt.
Sinai! Nothing like that ever happened, they clamored. In other words,
Ahmadinejad is not alone... It takes guts to admit the special destiny
of a people who are the witness of the Revelation.
   Wow, the Jews are vampires and leaches who drink people"s blood?
Honestly, couldn"t he think of something more original than that? Even
the Popes were forced at some point to speak out against these pagan
myths: their parishioners had become too uncomfortable with the bloody
libel against the Jews. Alas, pagan beliefs are not so easy to
destroy. They have managed to survive to this day.


  And suddenly, what a pleasant surprise! Iran"s president Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad expressed a thought which wasn"t exactly original but
definitely not one openly admitted.
  Actually, this thought had occurred to me long ago, but I"m just an
ordinary person, so the moment I made it public, I was promptly
shushed into silence. The President of Iran is a different story. He
has a vast audience - the entire world listens to what he has to say.
So the moment he began speaking on this subject, I jumped with joy.
Golly, here"s finally someone who thinks like I do.
  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke the absolute truth! He said that the
creation of the Jewish state presents the Europeans with a unique
opportunity to do away with the hateful Jews.
  I agree with the Iranian President in this regard. Nevertheless, it
is necessary to clarify some issues for this similarity of opinions to
be complete.

  The Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad asserts that the Jews fled
to the land of their forefathers only because of European
anti-Semitism. As the result, Europeans placed the Jews under a new
threat, this time from the Muslims. Many others agree with the Iranian
President"s position, from which it follows that the Jewish state
would never have been created if the Jews hadn"t been persecuted in
  Actually, this is not entirely true.
  To begin with, generation after generation of Jews has repeated the
same ritual pledge for the past 2,000: "Next year in Jerusalem." All
the Jews repeated it over and over again - those who lived among
Europeans, and those who lived among peoples of Africa, and those who
lived among peoples of Asia, including Iranians.
  Secondly, European nationalism has proved to be extremely
contagious. That"s why, even in those happy days when the Europeans
and the Jews still believed in the success of emancipation and
assimilation, the voices of Jewish nationalists could already be heard
in the Jewish community. They expressed a burning desire, similar to
that of all the peoples of Europe, to develop their own national
culture in their own Jewish state. Incidentally, the influence of
Europeans was felt in Iran as well, where Iranian nationalism was also
  Thirdly, Europeans set the entire world into motion. People became
more mobile and were now more inclined to migrate from their familiar
places. That is why the Jews began to return to the land of their
forefathers in greater numbers than ever before. Iranians too
experienced European influence in this respect. Only they began to
migrate in the opposite direction - moving from the land of their
forefathers into the lands of other nations and creating a large
Iranian Diaspora.
  In short, in addition to European anti-Semitism, the Jews also had
their own internal motives to begin their long-awaited exodus to the
land of their forefathers.

  What I agree with fully is Ahmadinejad"s proposition that the
massive ingathering of the Jews in the Promised Land presents the
Europeans with a unique opportunity to implement their intention to
eliminate the hateful Jews, which had manifested itself with such
intense enthusiasm during the era of the Third Reich.

  These words will probably rub Europeans the wrong way.
  Wait a minute! Don"t we respect the memory of the dead? Don"t we
openly renounce Holocaust deniers and prosecute them? Don"t we don
Jewish kippahs and lower our heads in commemoration of the victims of
Auschwitz and Treblinka?
  Enough already... It isn"t our victims Europeans are thinking about
but themselves and how wonderful they are... They are trying to
convince G-d (and also themselves) that the Holocaust in Europe was no
more than an accident, and that they, Europeans, are actually very
decent people and won"t do it again.
  Who are they trying to fool?
  G-d can"t be fooled. Only people can be deceived, particularly those
of them who wish to be deceived.
  Those who don"t want to be fooled can"t help but acknowledge that
the strategic goal of the Europeans has not changed one little bit.
  What has changed is their tactics. Europeans don"t kill Jews with
their own hands now, but with other people"s - those of the
"Palestinian people" to be more specific, a European invention.


   With the idea that "Palestinians" are Muslims whom we, Jews, are
fighting over a piece of land being drilled so consistently into our
heads, we have almost forgotten that there has never - never in the
entire history of Muslim rule of the Promised Land - been such a land
as Palestine or people called "Palestinians."
  The name "Palestine" was introduced by Europeans almost 2,000 years
ago, and, quite symbolically, this was done to erase all memory of the
Jews who called their country the Land of Israel.
  There we no "Palestinian people" consisting of both Muslims and
Christians - and could not have been any - until the Promised Land was
conquered by Europeans. This new model of "a people" was imported from
Europe, whereas Islam traditionally recognized a totally different
model, known as the ummah, which meant "a community of believers."
  The Promised Land has never been a single administrative entity
under Muslim rule. The "Palestinian" administration was established by
the British during their mandate, which, incidentally, was entrusted
to them by the League of Nations for the sole purpose of helping the
Jews to "secure the establishment of the Jewish national home," as it
was then called.
  But the British built a "Palestinian home" instead by setting up a
"Palestinian" administration and placing the notorious Mufti, Haj Amin
Al-Husseini at its head. The British looked the other way while this
"Palestinian" leader traveled around the world, spreading false rumors
to turn the Muslims against the Jews. But once the Grand Mufti became
stronger and resorted to violence against the British themselves, he
was instantly subdued.
  After Haj Amin Al-Husseini was expelled by the British he found
himself under the protection of other European leaders. First
Mussolini took the Grand Mufti under his wing, and after fleeing to
Nazi Germany Al-Husseini met with Hitler at his secret command post,
where the "Palestinian dignitary" received a warm welcome. Al-Husseini
served the common cause with the utmost zeal and dedication: he
incorporated Muslims into the SS, lobbied extensively to prevent Jews
from escaping Germany, and persuaded the Nazis to resolve the "Jewish
question" as quickly as possible. Hitler promised none other than the
Grand Mufti Al-Husseini to do away with the Jews in the Promised Land
as soon as the German troops got there.
  Despite the fact that the Mufti's role in war crimes was well
documented, he succeeded in avoiding prosecution by the Nuremberg
Trials - in this, too, he was assisted by the Europeans. They passed
him from hand to hand as a precious jewel, until, after a brief period
of detention in a French jail, he ended up in Egypt, among his own


  Doesn"t this ring the bell? Isn"t history repeating itself again?
  Most amazing in this similarity is the unifying role of continuity
which brings together all Europeans.
  "What could there be in common between Great Britain and the Soviet
Union?" one may ask. True, Great Britain and Russia have been on
opposite sides of the fence in virtually every respect, and this made
them oppose each other throughout history, except for brief periods of
wartime when they "collaborated" in fighting against a common enemy.
  The "Palestinian" people made them join hands. Invented by the
British, "Palestinians" immediately found themselves under Soviet
protection no sooner did the British become less responsive to the
"Palestinian" cause.
  The USSR raised the significance of the "Palestinian issue" to new,
universal heights. The Soviets trained the "Palestinians" how to kill
the Jews and supported all kinds of "Palestinian" criminals, so long
as this helped destroy at least a single Jewish life.
  Perhaps someone may insist that there is absolutely no connection
between the support the Soviet Union showed for the "Palestinians" and
the Holocaust of European Jewry. There is a connection... It was
behind the walls of Soviet academies that "Palestinian scholars"
received their instruction and were taught how to deny the Holocaust
from "a scientific" standpoint. Soviet "experts and scholars" knew
very well why they were giving this kind of instruction to the current
President of the Palestinian Autonomy Mahmoud Abbas during his
graduate studies at the People"s Friendship University in Moscow.
  However, shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early
1990s, the "Palestinian people," an all-European treasure, became the
main concern of the European Union.
  The Oslo Accords brought to the surface everything that had until
then been sizzling deep inside the soul of Europe. Was there anyone
among the Europeans who sincerely failed to see these accords for what
they actually were: the beginning of a new "final solution of the
Jewish question," only one accomplished by different means?
  Everybody understood that. That is exactly why, immediately after
Oslo, the European press began to openly and unapologetically discuss
how the world would look once the Jewish state finally ceased to
exist. Europeans no longer needed to mask there feelings or
intentions. When the French Ambassador to Great Britain talked about
"this shitty little country, Israel" he was basically saying that if
only this "shitty little country" didn't exist how wonderful it would
be! And his British colleagues understood him perfectly well.
  It"s amazing how well Europeans understand each other in everything
that brings destruction to the Jews.
  "The Jews are occupiers of the Holy Land and Jerusalem!"
  The Europeans vote "yes."
  "Israeli generals are criminals because they defend the life of Jews!"
  The Europeans once again vote "yes."
  A boycott of Israeli goods, followed by a proposed academic boycott
of Israeli universities - all this arms-twisting increases in momentum
and pushes forcefully against the fragile wall of European discomfort
with the recent bloody past. It remains only to wait until this tide
completely washes away the last remaining feeble disagreements with
the virulent campaign of attacks against the Jewish state.
  How did we, Jews, deserve any of this?
  Just by still being around, by breathing and walking this earth!


  The Muslims in general and the Arabs in particular have little to do
with any of this. It was not they who created the "Palestinian people"
and the "Palestinian problem."
  The "Palestinian people" embody the long-time hope of the Europeans
to finish with Arab hands what they themselves had failed to
accomplish in Europe during the time of the Third Reich.
  Some could insist that Europeans support the "Palestinians" out of
economic and humanitarian concerns. But the "Palestinian cause" is
like a black hole in which all funding immediately vanishes, because
the money is being used exclusively to wage war against the Jews. Have
the Europeans forgotten their math? Of course, not. One does not weigh
one"s investments only when they are used in pursuit of a sacred goal.
And war against the Jews is sacred to the Europeans.
  Others could say that Europeans are interested in preserving
stability in the Arab world. That makes no sense, since the very
existence of the "Palestinian people" threatens and undermines this
stability. After the Europeans divided the Muslim world into different
countries, every one of them faced the necessity to curb its own
extremist elements. "Palestinian" independence is the most frightening
of all scenarios for Muslim states, because "Palestine" has long
become the banner of extremism.
  Then again, someone might say that Europeans believe that resolving
the "Palestinian problem" will lead to improved relations between
Arabs and Jews. But Europeans have done everything they could to make
such an improvement impossible in principle. The mere fact that
Europeans invented the self-identity of "Palestinians" and attribute
to them the right to the Promised Land transforms the Arabs into
  The "Palestinian people" have been invented to replace the Jewish
people; they have been created to destroy Jews. Only out and out
hypocrites can demand that the "Palestinians" desist from terror
tactics. How can they abandon that which was imposed on them as their
life"s purpose?
  Europeans are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.

  There is no trace of logic in any of the explanations that Europeans
try to give to their unequivocal support of "Palestine." There is
logic only in that which defies explanation by its very nature:
  Europeans hate G-d, and they are avenging the Jews for their 2,000
years of suffering.
  For the past 2,000 years the Jews have tormented their imagination.
Everything that the Arabs are clamoring about today, which is being
received in Europe with a show of horror - Jews being accused of
cannibalism, "The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion" which purports to
be a plan for world Jewish domination, etc., all of this nonsense is
actually the fruit of fantasy of the Europeans themselves.
  They were burning not only the Jews but also their own Church in the
furnaces of the Holocaust. And this did not start with Hitler. Long
before the Holocaust Europeans accused the Jews of imposing upon them
their own G-d through the Christian faith.
  Nothing has changed in Europe after the Holocaust. Quite on the
contrary, the Europeans have become even more adamant in their
rejection of the One who, atop the Mt. Sinai, strictly outlawed
everything that the inhabitants of Europe find so attractive: the
non-traditional multiple-member families in Sweden, homosexual
marriages and pedophile political parties.
  Europeans find the return of the Jews to the Promised Land
impossible to bear. This could mean to them that G-d has not been
invented by the Jews, but that He is alive and things happen according
to His plan. That is why the rebuilding of the Jewish state further
agitated European fantasies, and they are now screaming at every
corner that the Jews have occupied the Holy Land and Jerusalem. There
is no better way to renounce the One who said:
  "...all the land which you see I give to you and your descendants forever..."
  Europeans are prepared to die, so long as they don"t hear the sound
of This Voice.
  That is why Europeans are embracing, supporting and financing those
who intend to blow up their own homes and kill their own families,
those who want to destroy European holy sites and spit the people of
Europe in the face.
  Let them only get rid of the Jews! Europeans will forgive them
anything for that...
  The Arabs and the Muslims are not to blame for what is now taking
place. It is the Europeans who created this situation...


  True, it is unpopular to say things like that. This view is
particularly unpopular in Europe where G-d has long since become
irrelevant. But facts speak for themselves: of all the false
accusations which Europeans have thrust upon us throughout history,
this one - the claim that "the Jews have occupied Palestine and
Jerusalem - is perhaps the most ridiculous and also the least

  This explains why it made me so happy to discover that there"s at
least one man on earth who called the spade a spade - that man is the
Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
  He is right, right a thousand times: the rebuilding of the Jewish
state has created unheard of opportunities for Europeans to get rid of
the Jews.
  Arafat who was adored in Europe knew this very well, and he always
ran for assistance to the Europeans, who created and protected him.
  Prominent Hamas leaders are also aware of this, and they are simply
waiting for Europe to stop putting on a spin and to find a way to
support them as well.
  There is no doubt that the Europeans will support them in the end,
just as they will give their support to anyone who pursues the same
goal, because they see in the ingathering of the Jews in the Promised
Land a great opportunity to complete the mission started in Europe
during the days of the Third Reich.
  Only this time they can use others to further their cause.

Movie :A moderate muslim speak about his view of Europe.

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